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Do you wear contact lenses? Would you like to wear contact lenses?

The possibility of getting contact lenses to replace spectacles can be a very exciting and liberating idea for people, but can also be quite daunting. We are here to help you.

At Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of contact lens developments. Whether your contact lenses are for work, sport, social occasions, every day or just every so often, at Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care our optometrists offer patients the chance to trial contact lenses free of charge.

This way, you will know how comfortable contact lenses are and how clear your vision will be. If you love the contact lenses, we have trained staff who can expertly teach you to insert and remove the contact lenses yourself.

We stock contact lenses in our practices, so we can often supply disposable contact lenses on the spot.

Contact lenses can be ordered in person, over the phone, by e mail, by fax or by SMS – it’s easy.

We also offer up to 40% off our contact lenses prices and free postage – just ask us. And we can direct bill your health fund through Hi Caps.

Lens Type Supply Discount
Ascend Daily Disposable 1 Year 40%
6 Months 20%
2 Weekly Disposable 1 Year 20%
Monthly Disposable 1 Year 20%

At Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care we are an independent practice. This means we are not bound by any “head office rules” dictating which contact lenses should be used. We can choose from any brand of contact lenses around the world, ensuring that you receive the most comfortable contact lenses and the clearest vision.

Have you been told previously that you cannot wear contact lenses because you are over 40?

There are an extensive range of options to cater for people who may require a different correction for long distance compared to what is needed to read small print up close.

At Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care we discuss these options with you and tailor a solution that fits your lifestyle and visual needs.

If you are over 40, you may need a different prescription for your distance and near vision. In this instance, there are 2 options available:

The first is called Monovision. This involves making one eye see clearly in the distance and the other see clearly up close. This means with both eyes open, you can see both distance and near clearly.

The second option is Multifocal contact lenses. These are quite different to multifocal spectacles and usually involve using a different strength in the centre of the lens compared to the periphery of the lens. This allows you to read normal sized print and drive comfortably without spectacles.

Have you been told that you cannot wear contact lenses because you have astigmatism?

Astigmatism can be corrected with either hard or soft (disposable or non-disposable) contact lenses. The type most suitable to you will depend on your prescription.

The power range of disposable astigmatism (toric) contact lenses has improved significantly over the last few years, so many people who have previously not been able to wear these, now can.

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Do you suffer dry eyes?

It is very common to suffer from dry eyes and there are multiple different possible causes for this discussed here 

Contact lenses do tend to exacerbate dry eye, but lens materials continue to improve with new developments in technology. Most new contact lens materials are designed to optimise water retention and minimise dry eye symptoms.

Ask us about the latest developments in contact lens technology for dry eyes and how they would apply to you. You may even be able to try these in your prescription to feel the difference to your current or previous contact lenses - please give us a call and arrange an appointment.

How do I insert, remove and care for my contact lenses?

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