Eye Care: Regular Check-ups for Eye Health

Eye health is an important factor in all of our lives. We sometimes take sight for granted but can you imagine not being able to see everyday things normally? Imagine not being able to see your kids, watch TV, take a walk and see all of nature's beauties. People with certain eye diseases are not able to enjoy these experiences to their full extent and sometimes not at all. There are several reasons to start learning more about eye care and how to protect one of the most wonderful gifts of life.

If you're wondering if you should be getting an eye check and you have not had one for at least a year, you probably do need one. Our optometrist will recommend if you need any form of vision correction, treatment or eye care instructions. There is no obligation for any form of purchase.

What happens in an eye test?

  • First we ask about the problems you are having with your vision.
  • Eye pressures are taken to guard against glaucoma.
  • We then look at the back of your eyes (your retina) for any signs of eye disease as well as conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • OCT (ultrasound) image of the optic nerve and macula is taken. This represents state of the art technology in detecting glaucoma and macula degeneration.
  • A digital photograph of the retina is taken.
  • With the help of our computerised equipment, we test your sight and give you the clearest possible vision - both in the distance and up close.
  • Binocular vision is tested to make sure your eyes work well together. If glasses or contact lenses are required for your clearest vision, a prescription will be given to you.



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