Myopia Control

Myopia Causes

For a number of decades research has been carried out to try and understand the causes of Myopia (where the eye grows to be too long for the lens system resulting in blurred distance vision) and how its progression might be slowed down.

Outdoor play has been shown to be protective against children developing Myopia. We recommend an equal amount of outside play for the equivalent amount of screen time or reading.

Children who have both parents that are myopic and are of east Asian descent have the highest risk of developing myopia.

It is preferable that children watch movies and videos on televisions that are much further away than tablets or phones, as there is some association between the amount of near tasks performed and myopic progression

Myopia Treatment

Large scientific studies now guide the recommendations for trying to slow the progression of Myopia. For young children who have become Myopic (5-11yrs), we recommend bi-focus spectacle lenses and a combination of spectacles and multi-focal 1day disposable contact lenses for older children. Should your child’s Myopia progress rapidly, we may consider using Ortho-Keratology or prescribing low dose atropine eye drops.