For most of our patients (and our Optometrists) who are over 40, using one type of spectacle lens to meet all our visual needs can be very limiting. Over the age of 40 most of us a have lost a lot of our ability to change focus from long distance to close. A pair of multi-focal glasses (or the “Visual Shifting Spanner” as I call them) can allow us to function in many circumstances from long distance viewing, computers to reading, but just like a shifting spanner they are not always ideal for the task.

So just like you might need a ring spanner or socket for difficult to reach nuts and bolts, so too might you need an extra pair of spectacles biased towards one particular activity. There are a variety speciality lenses that can provide a better field of view or more comfortable head position for your tasks. General purpose glasses are great, but don’t be afraid to try some other forms of glasses that can be very visually liberating, we would be only to happy to recommend the best tools for you.