Do you wear contact lenses? Would you like to wear contact lenses?

Have a Special day or event to attend and do not want to wear your glasses?

  • Contact lenses are available for full time or occasional use – daily, fortnightly, monthly disposables, for distance near and multi-focal, soft and gas permeable contact lenses – we will customise your options according to your vision needs.
  • Free trial
  • Guaranteed success
  • Myopia Control

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The possibility of getting contact lenses to replace spectacles can be a very exciting and liberating idea for people, but can also be quite daunting. We are here to help you.

At Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care we pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of contact lens developments. Whether your contact lenses are for work, sport, social occasions, every day or just every so often, at Christopher McMahon Quality Eye Care our optometrists offer patients the chance to trial contact lenses free of charge.

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